Donné Restom

Singer - Reader - Writer - Mother.




I'm Donné, and I've been singing jazz since I could open my mouth. 

People say I sound like Amy Winehouse - and to that I say, 'we both just sound like the jazz we listened to growing up'.


I've recorded with Jeff Bova (Produced & played with Herbie Hancock) and Vinnie Coliauta (Drummer, Frank Zappa/Herbie Hancock) and, as the artist called Kitty Clementine, toured with LA-based circus, Lucent Dossier Experience.


Some of my favourite Aussie musicians to play with include: Aaron 'BAZ' Flower, Zoe Hauptmann and Evan Mannell, and all the excellent musos that play with The Swingin' Blades. These incredible people have me playing again after a six-year hiatus from music -  and I couldn't be more grateful.


If you'd like to learn more about my journey through motherhood, music and art, you may enjoy 8GridProject - my creative space to explore all of this.


There is a new album in the works, but for now I am playing as much jazz as possible.

So consider this site the summary of an artist's work in progress. 


Head to Donné Restom Jazz for my Gig Calendar, videos and new recordings I'm bold enough to show you. 

Stoked to be here :)



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